Sutliff cider and seltzers are available at a variety of stores across the great state of Iowa. Check out our map below to find a store near you!

Sutliff Cider

Great hard cider starts with great tasting fruit, and at Sutliff Hard Cider we craft ciders that highlight all the wonderful characteristics that apples have to offer. Our craft brewers are turning out innovative and tasty brews that pay respect to traditional fermentation techniques, while moving the art form forward with new and unique offerings. 

We are dedicated to the culture of apple growing and their use in premium apple ciders. Our handcrafted ciders always contain 100% fresh squeezed juice and are never blended from concentrates. We use a combination of table apples that include, but are not limited to Jonathan, Gala, Cortland, and Macintosh. The apples we use come from many local orchards, including our own small orchard on the estate where we are growing many varieties of traditional cider apples.


In 2002, Sutliff Cider plowed new ground when it introduced craft hard cider to Iowa. Made only with apples and a bit of carbonation, Sutliff's Original Cider delivers honest apple flavor, varying slightly through the seasons, with enough fizz to keep things balanced but interesting. It's the perfect drink for those of us just east of ordinary.


A fabulous cocktail-inspired hard cider. We take fresh-squeezed apple cider and ferment it sparkling dry. We add a splash of orange juice for the perfect cidermosa. Refreshing and invigorating -- any day is Sunday Funday.


A delightful blushing hard cider made from a blend of tart, sparkling cider steeped in rich hibiscus flowers.


A pleasing boozy punch that's lush and full of fruit. Our Sangria cider blends ultra-dry apple cider with jammy red wine grapes, bright citrus, and the sweetness of stone fruit. Our Sangria lite cider knocks back the sweetness without sacrificing flavor. The result, a crisp and refreshing take on a classic summer punch.

Sutliff seltzer

Bursting with delightful, bubbly fruit flavors our Iowa-brewed seltzers offer bold taste without being overly sweet. Sutliff Seltzer is a low carb, 100-calorie brew that’s light and refreshing. We approach brewing hard seltzer with a focus on clean fermentation. Our craft brewers meticulously research and develop fermentation techniques that produce a product that is light and crisp with a flavor profile filled with nuance that doesn’t require unnecessary ingredients or an abundance of sweetner. Real fruit juice and natural flavors.


Tangy tangerine with clean, bubbly brewed seltzer for a sunny and juicy elixir.


Zesty lime and cooling mint muddled with refreshing brewed seltzer.


Crisp Iowa brewed seltzer infused with perfectly ripe watermelon sweetness.

key lime

Distinctly tart and uniquely aromatic. Our Key Lime hard seltzer balances sharp citrus with crisp, sparkling seltzer with just a touch of sweetness.