market and farm

about the market
Open February - December. 

The Sutiff Farm Market is located in the Cider House restaurant, in our historic barn. Our Farm Market offers seasonal flowers, fruit and vegetables from our farm and like-minded grower partners. You’ll find meat & dairy from humanely-raised livestock, pantry stables, homemade baked goods, and a collection of beloved items from artisans and craftspeople.

Our farm market is filled to the brim with a unique collection of intentionally procured items. From fresh produce to homemade treats & craft beverages, you’ll find a wide-selection of our own products alongside a myriad of items from talented local artisans and small-batch producers. 

Stock up your pantry from a whole range of cupboard essentials including snacks, sweets & treats, condiments, local honey and preserves. Our farm market also offers an assortment of farm gear & merchandise, housewares, gifts, books, toys, and health & wellness necessities.

In November and December, visit our Holiday Market which will feature fresh-cut Christmas trees, seasonal decorations, and joyous celebration of the holiday season.

about the Farm
Open April - December. 

Sutliff is a 40 acre farm established in 1985. In the past most of the farm has been used to grow row crops, with the exception being the orchard that Scott and Pia Ervin planted in the 90’s (which still stands today). 

As we become acquainted with this piece of ground, our first consideration is how do we make it more sustainable?We have 20-acres of good tillable land that’s been in row crops, corn and beans, and we wanna transition that into a wider polyculture of crops.

Our mission is to return to the roots of farming that values the importance of local agriculture to a community. Nurturing the connection our customers have with their food and growers, and improve the quality of the food that is supplied to the area.

Our Orchard- our small orchard was planted over 15 years ago and intended to be used for producing small batch artisanal ciders. For the time being the orchard will not be open for you-pick and the harvest will be exclusively used for cider production. 

Our Farm- at the end of 2020 we decided to transition away from row crop monoculture and toward a polyculture farm. In 2020 we began to prepare the ground for planting a wide variety of crops that will be focused on a seasonal you-pick experience.

You-Pick Availability:
Sweet Corn
Christmas Trees